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Cooker hobs, fridges, dishwashers, conventional ovens and microwaves - these appliances are essential to your kitchen. But if you choose the wrong ones, they can have a detrimental effect on the visual harmony of your kitchen design. Fortunately, Ixina draws its inspiration from the latest innovations to offer you a wide range of practical, stylish appliances.


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Choosing your kitchen appliances: quality above all else

Choosing your electrical appliances is an important step in putting your kitchen together. There are many things to think about:


  •     Do you prefer a gas hob? Or do you prefer induction hobs to reduce energy consumption?
  •     Do you need a combined refrigerator? With a single or double door?
  •     Is it better to opt for a built-in or concealed hood?
  •     Is it possible to choose an oven with a steam option to prepare healthy, balanced meals for all the family?

We can advise you on the right choice, based on your habits and wishes.  

We work with leading brands to offer you robust, high-performance appliances, always at the right price.

Correctly positioning household equipment in a kitchen: made-to-measure makes all the sense in the world

The layout of cooking, storage and washing areas cannot be improvised. It must obey the rule of the activity triangle for a successful layout that will facilitate the performance of your daily tasks. Whether for purely aesthetic or comfort reasons, we'll come up with a made-to-measure solution for you. Worried that a classic fridge will clash with your vintage decor?

Are you tall and want to be able to take your food out of the oven without bending over? We'll adjust the position of the fridge to suit your height, so you can enjoy millimetre-perfect installation! Perhaps you've been dreaming of a kitchen with a wine cellar for a long time, but don't know where to place it? With Ixina, there are no limits, only possibilities. With the help of our designers and access to numerous references, you'll find a way to make your dream come true!

Adapting appliances to suit your type of kitchen: our obsession, respecting your wishes

At Ixina we love discussing your projects. Whether it's :    


  • Help you choose between an espresso machine and a bean-to-cup coffee maker;

  • Equipping the empty kitchen of a studio flat;
  • Advise you on the type of food processor to choose, depending on your cooking habits...

We're committed to finding the solutions best suited to your lifestyle and the space you have available. From small appliances to cooking hobs, we're here to help.